G. N. National Public School is situated on the north side of Gorakhnath temple, a holy place of the Hindus. The atmosphere is calm, peaceful and inspiring. It occupies an extensive park like area of about 4.00 acres. The school came into being in 1986 as a primary school in a well planned with ventilated spacious class rooms and amenities. The school was established after the name of Late Sri Ghanshyam Narayan Das Ji, a well known Bar-at-law by profession as well as educationist and literaturist. He dedicated his life for eradicating illiteracy, as well as to give relief to the down trodden mass. He constructed his house in an area of more than 2.00 acres giving the appearance of dwelling place of the "Hrishis & Munies". He had chosen the place for his residential house as it was very near to the Gorakhnath temple and opposite to Gurukul School across the road now known as Sonauli Road. In the Gurukul system of school the students coming from different family used to stay under the care of the Gurus. The inmates used to rise very early in the morning.    Read More. 
Notice and Announcements
» स्टूडेंट लॉगिन के लिए- फिर स्टूडेंट पर क्लिक करीये । फिर स्टूडेंट के एडमिशन नंबर में s लगा कर लॉगिन ID के सामने (उदाहरण के लिए 75/55s या 7555s) जो आपके वार्ड की ID हो उसे लिखिए । फिर पासवर्ड में pass123 लिख कर लॉगिन पर क्लिक करीये । पेरेंट्स लॉगिन के लिए- फिर पेरेंट्स की लॉगिन ID के सामने स्टूडेंट के एडमिशन नंबर में की p लगा कर (उदहारण के लिए 75/55p या 7555p ) लॉगिन ID हो उसे लिखिए । पासवर्ड में pass123 लिख कर लॉगिन पर क्लिक करीये ।

» Regarding New Admission in Class XI Dear Parents/Students, Regarding new admission in Class-XI, It is to inform you tht the present situation of the COVID-19 is not favourable to conduct the offline entrance test and admission will not possible without the written test. Hence information regarding new admission in Class-XI will be given only when the situation becomes normal. Principal

» Book List for ALL Class for Session 2021-22